Tech & IT#

Adobserver database: tracking Facebook & YouTube ads

AI problems recorded (since 2019)

APIs for use in software and web development

Bad language on Shutterstock

Bossware & employment tech database

Browser trackers — list from DuckDuckGo

Cell phone towers around the world — OpenCellId

CIA spyware and malware — WikiLeaks

Computer user data for 12 users from their computers over 55 days

Covid apps published on Google Play platform

CRAWDAD — Project to archive wireless data

Cyber defence exercise: list of traffic and event logs

Google Trends — random CSV files

Internet shutdowns around the world

Machine Learning Projects: find open data | Kaggle

Non-fungible token (NFT) market, April-Sept 2021

NFT marketplaces data

Privacy on a million sites — Princeton web census on trackers

Ransomware negotiation conversations

Reddit votes — huge collection


Scammers: database of internet scams

Submarine cable network

UK Space Agency

Voice User Interface in Star Trek

Warrants issued for people’s iPhones in connection with crime

Wikidata — millions of data items related to other Wiki sites

Wikipedia: all edits to 2008

Yelp Dataset of business reviews