Accidents on UK roads

Accident locator UK

Automated car systems involved in crashes (US)

Aviation statistics in UK (Civil Aviation Authority)

Aviation statistics in the EU

Bicycle Cities Index 2019 — commercial rather than scientific survey

Bicycle counter Cardiff 2012+ (College of Music)

Cars in the EU

Car parks in Great Britain — 2015

CCTV road cameras in Wales

Congestion — TomTom Traffic Index (index only, no data)

Cost of transit in world cities

Cyclestreets: mapping UK bike data

Cycling infrastructure in London

Driving Licence Data for GB —

Driving Licence Data for London

Driving offences reported via Operation Snap (West Yorkshire)

Driving tests UK (pass rates etc.)

Electric vehicle charging sessions (4K)

Electric vehicle charging points: national Registry UK

Electric vehicle chargepoint grants awarded (UK)

Fuel sales by week

HGV drivers from UK and EU over six years

Naptan: ‘most popular dataset you’ve never heard of’

Open Charge Map (API)

Parking Tickets Chicago — ProPublica

Potholes Cardiff

Potholes Toronto: Mapping Locations (article & API method)

Rail & road office UK — ORR

Road traffic statistics UK — cars, bicycles & HGVs

Road traffic statistics — Cardiff

Roundabouts in Europe and the US

Station usage in the UK

TFL network demand (bus & tube figures) — as a visualisation

Traffic camera monitoring

Trains (passenger) crossing European borders

Train stations in Wales: entries & exits by station, year

Tube usage figures

Vélib data over six months (end of 2017) — Baptiste Fontaine

World’s busiest bus & metro lines — Google

World’s largest traffic database (allegedly)

World transport data