Accidents on UK roads

Accident locator UK

Automated car systems involved in crashes (US)

Aviation statistics in UK — Civil Aviation Authority

Aviation statistics in the EU

Bicycle Cities Index 2019 — commercial rather than scientific survey

Bicycle counter Cardiff 2012+ (College of Music)

Bus statistics

Cars in the EU

Cars in the UK (recent vehicle registration data) & all vehicle data

Car parks in Great Britain — 2015

CCTV road cameras in Wales

Congestion — TomTom Traffic Index (index only, no data)

Cost of transit in world cities

Cyclestreets: mapping UK bike data

Cycling infrastructure in London

Driving licence and access to cars: who has one?

Driving Licence data (GB)

Driving Licence Data for London

Driving offences reported via Operation Snap (West Yorkshire)

Driving tests UK (pass rates etc.)

Electric vehicle charging sessions (4K)

Electric vehicle charging points: national Registry UK

Electric vehicle chargepoint grants awarded (UK)

Fuel sales by week

HGV drivers from UK and EU over six years

Naptan: ‘most popular dataset you’ve never heard of’

Open Charge Map (API)

Parking Tickets Chicago — ProPublica

Potholes Cardiff

Potholes Toronto: Mapping Locations (article & API method)

Rail & road office UK — ORR

Road traffic statistics UK — cars, bicycles & HGVs

Road traffic statistics — Cardiff

Space: commercial launches

Space debris data sources

Speed compliance, Great Britain

Station usage in the UK

Taxis in Wales

TFL network demand (bus & tube figures) — as a visualisation

Traffic camera monitoring

Trains (passenger) crossing European borders

Train stations in Wales: entries & exits by station, year

Trains: on time or not?

Tube usage figures

Vélib data over six months (end of 2017) — Baptiste Fontaine

World’s busiest bus & metro lines — Google

World’s largest traffic database (allegedly)

World transport data