These are tools (or lists of tools) that have been built for journalism (rather than those that are useful for journalists or for technologists).

Aleph (OCCRP) | “Access to a vast archive of government records and open databases”

BBC News Labs & repo | Tools built by the BBC’s innovation lab

Bellingcat OSINT tools | Tools developed by or for Bellingcat for Open source investigations

Big Local News (US) tools

Blacklight (The Markup) & repo | Real-time website privacy inspector based in part on OpenWPM (see below)

Casefinder (Caerphilly observer) | Search planning for Magistrates’ Courts

Censusreporter (US) | Analyse the US census

Code for democracy analysis tool | Browser-based tool for analysing US politics

Coverdrop | Lets whistleblowers contact news groups safely

CrowData Turn pdfs into datasets

Crowdsourced data platform

Dangerzone: sanitize documents

DataKit (AP) | Command line tool for managing news projects

Datasette & YouTube talk | Publish your data using this powerful framework

Datashare (ICIJ) | Analyse, search, filter & sort documents

Django-collaborative (Propublica) | Web app for building stories on tipoffs from the public

Document Cloud | ‘Turn documents into data’

FOI: send en masse (not tested)

Geocoder (batch) for journalists | “Locations to coordinates at rocket speed”

Giant | Lets journalists ‘search, analyse, categorise and share unstructured data’

Globaleaks | Whistleblowing submission system

Google Journalist Studio | Google tools for reporting, including Pinpoint for mass analysis of documents

Harassment manager (Jigsaw-Google)

Harvester (AP) & presentation & repo & talk | Newsroom platform for collecting data

Knight Lab | Tools from the Knight Lab at Northwestern University

MapChecking | Crowd size estimator

Mother Jones toolbox | List of tools for producing journalism

NY Times markup language ‘Archie’ | Write & edit structured text to render in web pages or interactive graphics

OpenSpending | Search and analyse fiscal data that is public

OpenWPM | Measure privacy levels on websites

Overview | Search, visualise and review up to hundreds of thousands of documents

PANDA Project | Newsroom data journalism platform

ProPublica news apps | Tools and apps from Propublica

Propublica: investigating non-profits (US)

Reportermate | Generate copy from .csv file

Securedrop | Whistleblowing submission system

Typerighter (Guardian) | Checks if a text respects the Style Guide

Twick (Buzzfeed) | Command line tool to fetch & store tweets from a search query (API authentication)

YouTube Tracking | Monitor and collect personalised recommendations to investigate YouTube’s recommender system.

WebXray | Analyse sites for trackers and cookies