Adoption and fostering data for UK

American Time Use Survey

‘Am I the asshole?’ subreddit: Code to scrape

Baby names in England & Wales, 2021

Baby names rejected in New Zealand, 2023

Blue plaques & more

Census 2021: 1st results (England & Wales)

Census 2021: Central heating

Census 2021: Demography & migration (England & Wales)

Census 2021: Education (England & Wales)

Census 2021: Ethnic group, national identity, language, and religion (England & Wales)

Census 2021: Gender identity & sexual orientation (England & Wales)

Census 2021: Health (England & Wales)

Census 2021: Housing (England & Wales)

Census 2021: Northern Ireland

Census 2021: Passports held

Census 2021: Welsh language

Census 2021: Build a dataset

Census 1961

Census 1921

Census: Flow data (people movement)

Census US

Child Statistics — UNICEF

Children in poorer families

Cold war or communism

Deprivation indices in England 2019 — UK govt. See also mapping resources for IoD

Deprivation Index in Wales (WIMD) — Stats Wales

Divorce in England & Wales

Deprivation index in Scotland 2020

Dog breed statistics — The Kennel Club

Dog population estimates by postcode

EU settlement applications in UK — ONS | See Note

Food bank stats (Trussell Trust)

Free school meals in Wales

Housing: affordability (price to earnings)

Housing: empty homes in England

Housing: empty dwellings and second homes (Census 2021)

Housing: empty & second homes in Wales

Housing: English housing survey

Housing: evictions immediately after pandemic — Bureau Local and blog and explainer

Housing: national housing federation data

Housing ombudsman

Housing: overseas ownership for England & Wales property & background

Housing: possession in England & Wales (mortgages, landlords)

Housing: price rises and 2nd home ownership — ONS

Housing: reference rents, England (Nov 2022)

Housing: rental price index UK

How popular is your birthday? — ONS

Indian ethnic group in the UK

International Development, Poverty, & Sustainability — World Bank

Irish passports — Irish govt

Gypsy or Irish traveller population (Census 2021)

Land ownership (investigating)

Life expectancy at birth, by local authority

Lifestyle survey 2011

Marriage, cohabitation and civil partnerships — ONS

Migrants arriving in Italy

Migration Data Portal — International Organisation for Migration

Missing Migrants Project

Migration to UK in small boats by week and by year

Migration Wales, rest of UK

National identity, Wales

Passport Ranking Index 2019 — Henley & Partners

Pets in the UK

Population estimates for UK and nations (latest)

Postal statistics (global)

Public opinion & social trends survey (ONS) — fortnightly

Pubs in the UK

Pubs & bars by UK local authority, 2001-18 (ONS)

Rough sleeper count, Wales

Rough sleeping: snapshot, England & Rough sleeping support, England

Same-sex marriage postal survey in Australia 2017

Social & political attitudes 2023 (National Centre for Social Research)

Southern Poverty Law Center’s dataset of ‘public symbols of the Confederacy’

Speakers of Foreign Languages Irish Census 2016

Sustainable Development Goals (tracking)

Travel in and out of the UK — international passenger survey

UK: Overseas residents and UK residents abroad — ONS

Unclaimed estates of deceased

Wales national survey

Water points around the world

Water fatalities UK — Water safety forum

Well-being survey — ONS

Welsh language statistics, various sectors

Welsh history resources

WikiRumours for mis- and dis-information

Young people living at home — ONS