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Africa urban data — Africapolis

Airbnb data by (selected) cities —

APUR — Atelier parisien d’urbanisme

Bees in cities with locations

Bristol council monthly spends over £500

Cardiff CCTV cameras

Cardiff council: problems reported to the Fix My Street app

Cardiff council: mapping of services via ‘Ishare’ (includes CCTV)

Cardiff street list

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Electricity demand in India

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Grocery purchases by area-level

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Listed buildings, shipwrecks in Wales

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London Fire Brigade lift entrapments

London Fire Brigade obesity incidents

Properties by council tax (Valuation Office Agency)

Rough sleeping in England questionnaire (initial results)

Rubbish collection monthly amounts in New York City — NYC Open Data

Trees in Paris with lat, long coordinates (ca 200K)

More trees: Amsterdam, Bogota, Dublin, Helsinki, London, Madrid, New York, Surrey, Vienna, and York

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