A/B headline testing datset — Upworthy

Accountability Project (US)

BBC senior executives’ pay, expenses etc.

Data archive of interest to US journalists — Big Local News

Factchecked information (global)

FOIA Annual Reports 1975-2018 — A. Jay Wagner

FOI responses (UK) — whatdotheyknow

FOI responses from Cardiff Council

FOI responses from the EU

FOI response statistics, UK

French press cards awarded in 2013 (statistics) — French government

G-DELT Project. Global database of events, language and tone

Guardian journalism: 2 million pieces of Guardian content via API

ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database (Panama 2015, Paradise 2017)

News on the Web Ngram (WEB-NGRAM) – The GDELT Project

Press Freedom Tracker US (API)

Press photographer numbers (male vs female) in 2019

RSF press freedom index

Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive

Trump’s negative tweets about the press

US newswires, 3 million

Westminster accredited journalists & media