Business & economy#

Amazon price tracking

ATMs in the UK

Automation of jobs — ONS

Beer and pubs in the UK

Big Mac Index — The Economist

Business births, deaths and survival rates, ONS

Charities index UK

Charities in England & Wales (official register)

Childcare costs in London and across OECD

Coins: what people have in their wallets (survey)

Community interest companies (newly registered)

Companies House API

Company info registers (UK) in OCCRP investigative database

Consumer price inflation

Consumer Price Index: basket of goods and services 2022

Consumer trends

Earning power by area - Wales

Enron emails (500K) — investigate the infamous company

Financial & economic datasets — Bank of England

Fincen files (global financial transactions) — ICIJ

Fiscal data

Gender pay gap UK reporting data

German Companies (5 million +)

Global companies (7 million +) —

Homeworking during the pandemic (UK)

House prices

Job vacancies over 1 million, 2021 (ONS)

Kickstarter datasets scraped en masse

Labour market statistics — Nomis (ONS)

Land registry UK: who owns what? & price paid data

Livestock in Wales — last ten years

Millenium of macroeconomic data — Bank of England

Minimum wage - UK employers who underpaid

Mobile payments in India since 2018 (quarterly)

Offshore leaks databases — ICIJ

Opencorporates — Largest world database of company info

Plastic bags (England charges for single-use)

Points of interest dataset (OS) “most comprehensive location-based directory of all public and privately-owned businesses, education and leisure services in Britain”

Property sales (residential) 1995-21 by region, England & Wales

Restaurant spending via Revolut in pandemic (UK)

Retail location data

Strikes in China

UK labour market statistics

UK business creation & demise up to 2020 3rd quarter — ONS

Violation index — 60,000 enforcement actions brought against companies by government regulators

Working from home, by local authority

World mining datasets