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999 calls response times

Animals stolen in London — Met police

Antiquities crime on social media — ATHAR Project

Arrests in England & Wales by location, sex, ethnicity

Attacks on aid workers around the world

Blue badge system in England: use and abuse

Case law — UK national archives

Chicago’s (in)famous ‘Strategic Subject List’

Courts martial records UK

Crime in England and Wales — ONS

Crime in England and Wales — police

Crime Survey for England & Wales (CSEW)

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Femicide census: women killed by men in the UK (pdf reports)

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Fraud & computer misuse (England & Wales), 2022

Harassment perception survey

Hate Crime data — HateLab

Human trafficking victims (48K) — Counter Trafficking Data Collaborative

Illegal downloading in UK (report)

India’s 2002 Gujarat riots — analysis of police via Times of India reports

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London Fire Brigade animal rescue incidents

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London Fire Brigade obesity incidents

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