Lists and collections of datasets released by journalists or governments or others.

538: all story datasets

Accountability project

AWS hosted datasets

BBC shared data unit: all story datasets

Benefits data (DWP)

Bureau Local story data

Buzzfeed: all story datasets & analyses

Canada statistics office

Cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leipzig, London, New York, Paris, Stirling

Consumer data research centre

CSO (Central Statistics Office, Ireland)

Datassist: catalogue of different indexes available

Data commons: open sources for students & researchers

Data Is Plural: archive of data mentioned in email — J Singer-Vine

Data Times

Dataverse: research datasets made public — Harvard

Department for Transport

Deutsche Welle: repository of story data

The Economist: repository of story data and code

Environmental Information: public register

Equality & human rights commission UK


EU statistics: eurostat

European data portal

Get the data: Q&A forum for finding answers in or about data

Google Bigquery datasets on Kaggle

Google dataset search

Goverment Statistical Service (beta)

Government data service

Guardian Data Blog: 1400 stories with data sources (2009-11)

Harvard University’s data repository

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Higher Education Statistics Agency

Housing, communities & local govt(Ministry of)

Humanitarian data exchange

Human rights data analysis group

India data portal

Information is beautiful datasets (300+)

Investigative journalism: 18 sources

Istat: data from Italy’s ONS

JSON format datasets (random list)

London data (Colouring London project)

National centre for social research

Makeover Monday

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local government — data portal

MIT: Knight Science Journalism dataset list

My Society datasets (including UK political datasets)

NHS Digital

OCCRP. Organised crime and corruption reporting project - datasets


Ofcom data releases

ONS data stories: Project Cairo


ONS user requested data

Our World in Data: long list of datasets

Oxpeckers (environmental investigation) story datasets

Paris Tech: random datasets — James Eagan

Parliamentary data hub

Propublica: story datasets with APIs

Public datasets: a collection

Pudding: all story datasets

Random datasets for cleaning — Rachel Tatman


Sanctions: opensanctions

Scotland National Records

Sourceful: finding useful public Google documents

South Africa’s national statistics agency

SODP: data sources for journalists

Stanford list of US datasets for journalists

Statista: full access via Cardiff University library

Stats Wales catalogue

UK data service (ESRI-funded collection of datasets)

UK data archive

UK govt reports on open data and government — Gavin Freeguard

UK govt open data portal

UK open data by location

UK data service: social research data

United Nations

Wales statistics (from gov)

Wales statistics (more)

World data portals: a list of 590

World resources institute