Arts & Culture#

Amateur archaeology finds in UK

Art UK: 290,000 public artworks

Bandcamp: 1,000,000 sales

Books banned in US prisons

Books ‘banned’ in US (‘download the full dataset’)

Chord progressions of 5,000 songs — AmitKohli

Cinema admissions UK

Cinema admissions, India

Crossword clues (huge number)

Drawings collected by Google for machine learning (50M)

E.E. Cummings poetry (JSON & csv)

Encyclopaedia Britannica — National Library of Scotland

Eurfa Welsh Dictionary — Kaggle

Eurovison Song Contest voting (1975-2019) & Eurovision Song Contest results database & Eurovision Song Contest dataset

EU terminology dictionary in all EU languages

Funeral music — Co-op chart

IMDb Movie datasets

Indian Movie Database — Parth Parikh

Literary prizes, 1918-2020

Metadata for all Samuel Beckett letters — The Samuel Beckett Society

Metropolitan Museum of Art collection, New York. 400k+ entries

MoMA: museum of modern art, New York

Million song dataset (280GB)

Museums, UK

Museums & galleries (DCMS-sponsored, monthly visits

Music sales, UK (Digital entertainment & retail assoc.)

Netflix: what are people watching? (2023)

New York Philharmonic performances, 1842-2020

Organs in Britain: National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR)

Profanity in Hip Hop — Sarah Bartlett

Project Gutenberg contents

Rijksmuseum object metadata API

Shakespeare & Co bookshop datasets

Stolpersteine in Hamburg & Berlin

All operas staged around the world, 2012-2017

Spotify statistics for users

Star Wars API — Hallett & Bura

Statues of sportspeople

Tate collection

Twin Peaks coffee (‘damn fine coffee’)

UK public monuments, statues & sculptures

Visits to museums & galleries every month (DCMS-sponsored)

X-men data, 1963-93