Coronavirus stories

3 minute read


Something must have been left unaffected by Coronavirus and the associated shutdowns around the world, but it’s hard to see what it might be. Commerce, religion, schooling, sport, employment, air quality and many others. This is an ongoing list of interesting Coronavirus-related stories.


  • How many people were still working in construction when the UK government opted to leave the sector open for business?
  • How many of the sick are healthworkers?
  • What companies aren’t paying their workers and why?
  • What is happening with investment in tech startsups?
  • How will the sporting landscape look different after this?
  • Which airlines are close to collapse?
  • What is happening to air quality in cities?
  • What, if anything, is happening to numbers of gun deaths in the US?
  • What use are police making of drones during the pandemic?
  • What does the economy of sport look like, at the top end (Champions League, Formula One etc.) and locally?
  • How have less transparent political systems coped with the pandemic?
  • What has happened to airbnb bookings in the cities that are scraped via insideairbnb?