Here is some work, from polished and published to … fun.

Audio transcription service (via Whisper)

An Irish hospital in Normandy, RTE Radio 1 (2020)

Twitter bot with a daily line of Shakespeare drama that mentions ‘France’

A language-generator to complain about NGO-ese

Eritrea, a nation of cyclists, France 24 (2018)

Bike racing on the Tour of Eritrea, Quartz (2017)

From our own correspondent: Burundi rides homes (22’ 40”), BBC (2015)

From our own correspondent: Beer in Ethiopia’s holy Muslim city (17’ 10”), BBC (2014)

Getting oil from Uganda’s Lake Albert region, Newstalk (2011)

Doctoral thesis, Université Paris IV Sorbonne (2010)

Rap, poetry & West Africa: two audio postcards, RFI (2009)